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Look at Me, part 3 (Prince of Tennis, Kikumaru/Mukahi, #24)

Title: Look at Me, part 3
Author/Artist: Jedi no Miko
Pairing: Kikumaru/Mukahi
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Theme: #24, goodnight
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis belongs to many people: I am not one of them.
Part 1 and Part 2 here.

Mukahi Gakuto was not a patient person. He had been willing to show some restraint with Kikumaru since, for as outgoing as he was he seemed pretty clueless about relationships, but he was reaching the end of his rope. It had been almost two months since the afternoon he had run into Kikumaru, and since then he and the other red-head boy had spent as much time together as they could. Yet, Kikumaru seemed to have no idea that Gakuto didn't want to be just friends – and Mukahi Gakuto was not a subtle person either. Short of whacking Eiji over the head with a club and dragging him off to be ravished, Gakuto had done everything he could think of to get it through to the other boy that he liked him; yet the other boy continued on as if it was perfectly normal for two male friends to be this interested in one another as they were. And who knew, maybe in Eiji's world it was.

So it was a resigned Gakuto who met Kikumaru one sunny September afternoon. They had agreed to go shopping in Shinjuku; Kikumaru wanted a new clubbing outfit, and Gakuto just liked to buy clothes (Shishido always called him a girl for his love of clothes, which he found ironic considering Shishido spent more time on his hair the most girls he knew – or he did before he hacked it off). They weren't really successful. Kikumaru was surprisingly picky when it came to clothing and Gakuto just wasn't in the mood (though he had to admit that pair of leather pants had looked really good).

They had decided to get ice cream when the idea came to Gakuto - so obvious. he wondered he hadn't thought of it before. It was unusually hot, even for September, and the ice cream stand was crowded. Gakuto volunteered to wait in line while Kikumaru went and flopped onto a bench in front of one of the office buildings.

It took forever, and when Gakuto finally made his way back to Kikumaru, the other was sprawled on the bench; head back, eyes closed. Gakuto took a second to admire the view, then shoved Kikumaru's strawberry cone under his nose. He smiled his thanks before digging in. Gakuto flopped down next to him, and took a long, slow lick of his own popsicle.


Eiji collapsed gratefully onto the bench. Between the heat and the shopping, he was exhausted. He didn't even have anything to show for an afternoon spent prowling through crowded shops (though there had been that pair of leather pants: Mukahi seemed to like them, even if they were out of his budget). He was glad Mukahi had volunteered to get the ice cream – he didn't think he had the patience to deal with the crowd at the moment.

Sometimes it surprised Eiji that he and Mukahi had become friends. He had been certain the other would quickly become bored with him or decided he was too annoying, but Mukahi seemed just as eager to spend time together as he was. Which was good, because Eiji couldn't seem to get the Mukahi out of his head. It was strange; he certainly didn't think of his other friends like that – not even Oishi.

He could ponder that another time though. Mukahi was back with the ice cream, and he had more important things to focus on. He took a large bite of his cone, sighing blissfully as the coolness ran down his throat. He turned to give Mukahi – who was happily eating his own popsicle – a more coherent thanks then what he had managed before, and promptly choked.

Mukahi wasn't eating his popsicle – he was molesting it.

He was slooooooooowly licking the popsicle, starting at the base and making his way up to the tip where he swirled his tongue around the end a few times, before sliding the whole thing into his mouth. Then he swallowed.

Eiji knew he was staring, but he couldn't look away. He was suddenly hot, but it had nothing to do with the sun overhead. Mukahi looked up and caught him staring. He pulled the popsicle out of his mouth with a pop. "Your ice cream is melting."

"Hoi?" Eiji looked down at his cone. Indeed, strawberry ice cream was dripping onto his hand. He looked around for something to wipe it up with.

"Here, let me," said Mukahi. He leaned over, and, pink tongue stained dark red, lapped up some of the melted ice cream.

Eiji jumped to his feet as if shocked. "I'llgogetsomenapkins!"

Had he looked back as he not-quite-ran to get some napkins, he would have seen Mukahi's lips curving into a smirk.


Gakuto was still smirking, even as they walked from the train station to where they would part ways to go home. His plan had worked beautifully. Kikumaru had been flustered and jumpy the rest of the day, speaking mostly in "hoi's" and "nya's." Okay, so maybe if he had toned down the smirk it would have helped, but he had to admit the he liked seeing Kikumaru flustered. And who would have thought that such a little thing would unsettle him so.

"Today was fun," he commented, "we should go shopping more often."

"Unh yeah."

"Oh, didn't you have fun?" Gakuto asked innocently.

"NO! Of course I did." Kikumaru paused, as if he was remembering exactly had happened that afternoon and blushed. "Nyaaaa."

"We should go clubbing sometime too," Gakuto added, as if he hadn't noticed.

Whatever Kikumaru was thinking caused him to slip into a daze. When he finally realized that Gakuto was waiting for an answer, he blushed even darker. "Sure. I know some good places."

"It's a date then." He ignored the squawk of surprise from Kikumaru. They had reached the point where they separated, and they turned to face each other. Kikumaru looked like he wanted to bolt, but Gakuto wasn't going to give him the chance. A quick glance around showed that they were alone. He grabbed a handful of Kikumaru's shirt, and yanked him down to his level. Kikumaru barely got out a surprised “"wha" before Gakuto pressed his lips firmly to his. The kiss only lasted a moment – he wanted to get his point across, but he didn't want to scare him - before Gakuto stepped away.

Kikumaru was just staring, slack-jawed. Instead of amusing him, like it did earlier, it was starting to make Gakuto nervous. Maybe he had pushed to far today. After all, he didn't actually know if Kikumaru liked boys. Tennis seemed to attract all the gay ones, but you never knew. "I should be getting home," he said, trying to sound like his normal confidant self. "Give me a call about the clubbing thing, okay?"

Kikumaru didn't say anything, but he nodded. Gakuto chose to take that as a good sign. "Well, good night then." Kikumaru nodded again. Gakuto tried to smile reassuringly – he didn't think it worked; he wasn't use to reassuring people – and gave a final wave before heading home.

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