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Dance with me (Prince of Tennis, An/Sakuno, #14 - radio-cassette player) 
29th-Jan-2006 10:04 pm
Goth Detectives
Title: Dance with me
Author: mildly_deluded/dream_in_words
Pairing: Tachibana An and Ryuzaki Sakuno
Fandom: Prince of Tennis.
Theme: 14. radio-cassette player
Disclaimer: Much as I love them, these girls aren't mine.

An smiled softly as she plugged in the old cassette player she'd found hidden away in a pile of things her mother was waiting to get rid of, quietly humming one of the songs under her breath. She had no idea what the song was, or who it was by, but she loved it anyway. Perhaps because the soft, lilting melody and the sheer beauty of the piece brought to mind her girlfriend. That was why An wanted to share it with her, why she had lugged the awkward machine to Sakuno's home and shooed her out of the room until she was ready.

After a few moments of rewinding and fast forwarding An finally found the start of the song she was looking for, wondering all the while had people had put up with doing that every time they wanted a specific song. Dusting off her hands she nodded in satisfaction and went to call her girlfriend back into the room, pressing play as soon as the younger girl was seated.

The look of wonder on Sakuno's face as the music started was more than enough reward for all the inconvenience An had gone through to set this up, and she extended a hand towards her girlfriend from where she stood, "Dance with me?" And as Sakuno accepted the hand An drew her close, giving her the softest of kisses before they began to sway to the music.

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