michalyn (michalyn) wrote in 30_kisses,

(Drabble) Kiss for #30

Title: Kiss
by Michalyn
Pairing:Treize and Wufei (Treize POV)
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Themes: : #30, Kiss
Rating: M
Notes: Thanks to eeshaboo for the proofread.

A freezing sky
The year ends.
Icy winds whirl the snowflakes.
Under the covers
My darling is hotter than midsummer night.
Anonymous (six dynasties)

We have been together for three months now and though our days have found an easy rhythm, our nights are filled with stilted moments and looks of longing. You have been staring at me since dinner, hoping that I will not notice and from the color in your cheeks both hoping that I will. How can you tell me exactly what it is you are craving, I can see you think and knowing your reticence, I pretend to be oblivious. You usually depend on me to take the lead, but I wonder if tonight you will finally overcome your shyness and tell me directly or if I will have to draw it slowly out of you, snaring each word with a caress. You open your mouth, close it, open it again but nothing emerges. By now I am not sure what is more distracting--watching your mounting frustration or the pout of your lower lip. You run a shaking hand through your hair, roughly adjust your glasses and take a deep breath:


Yes, I know ... yes I understand exactly, I whisper elatedly at your unexpected boldness. Behind your knees ... your chest ... the place beneath your ear? But of course--and gladly so. Where? What was that you just said? I'm afraid you'll have to speak up just a little, my sweet. My voice is teasing.

It seems your bravery has reached its end. Flustered, you break away and murmur something about cleaning the kitchen, something about a bath and a book before bed. Even in your present state of discomfiture, this is more than I hoped for in weeks. Do you honestly expect me to leave it like this? I tug on your sweater just as your foot touches the step. When I kiss the soft inside of your elbow, your eyes go wide and goosebumps race over your skin. Come, leave the kitchen, forget the bath, abandon the damned book. There'll be time enough for those in the morning. For now, lets lock the doors against this cold January evening and you can show me exactly what you need beneath the covers. Don't worry, just touch me and nothing else needs to be said.


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