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Passion (Magic Knight Rayearth, Geo/Eagle, #19)

Title: Passion
Author/Artist: bearit
Pairing: Geo x Eagle
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Theme: #19, red
Disclaimer: Belongs to CLAMP, not me.
Notes: I focused more on the metaphorical red: what it stands for.

To think that love could be so fleeting seemed like an insult to his brother’s sacrifice. He knew that it happened often in Autozam, and according to Umi it happened frequently in Tokyo as well, for lovers to kiss and love and then break apart and find new lovers. Love was an arrangement in Chizeta and Fahren, and love was eternal in Cephiro. Once love was found, that love stayed, through thick or thin, for better or for worse. The passion never died.

But one thing that remained universal: it was damn near impossible to love two people passionately equally at the same time. Sooner or later, someone was going to have to be dropped. It was the choice between the one who was willing to die for him, and the one who was willing to live for him.

Lantis knew that he made this choice long ago. His feelings for Eagle just were not the same as they once were. Or, perhaps, they were the same just that his feelings for Hikaru were much stronger.

Lantis wondered if he truly knew what love was. If he did, he would not have shamed it so.

Cephirans fell in love, never out of it.

But it happened, and the only thing Lantis knew to do about it was to find a way to tell Eagle gently. He still cared for the man, enough not to want to hurt him, but not enough not to find it inevitable. And yet, Eagle was not a stupid man at all. He was not naïve, not gullible, and in fact very, very intelligent and perceptive. Eagle must know. After all, it was no accident that when Hikaru was in Cephiro, Eagle needed not tell him twice to spend as much time with her as possible. Lantis noticed that he was very adamant about it; he wondered if Hikaru noticed as well, for she was the only one unwilling to leave Eagle by himself.

Oh, I’m not by myself, he always said to reassure Hikaru. I’m sure Geo and Zazu will be in here shortly.

But Zazu was a renowned mechanic in Autozam and rarely showed up to Cephiro anymore; when he did, sure, it was to spend time with Eagle, but the boy was growing fast, and he was losing touch with his childhood. Eagle was part of that childhood, and so was Geo. Geo’s job as ambassador was to visit Cephiro in order to keep peace between Autozam and all three countries; he still visited Cephiro often, just as often as Hikaru and her friends did. And yet…

And yet what was most surprising to Lantis was how little time Geo spent with Eagle anymore. It used to be that every free second Geo had he would sit in Eagle’s room; now, to Lantis, it seemed like Geo’s visits to Eagle were more like an obligation than anything spurned from love. And that was the most puzzling of all.

Lantis loved Eagle, yes, but without the passion. With Hikaru, he felt it. He felt what Geo must have felt for Eagle. Passionate love, passionate devotion…


That must be the most important aspect of love.

Was it not there for Geo anymore? Or was the man fooling himself? Lantis could only scoff at the thought. Eagle deserved to be happy. He would not be happy with Lantis. Only Geo could give him the passion that Lantis always lacked when it came to Eagle, and now Geo was either losing it or trying to lose it.

What a foolish man.
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