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Notes of Note (Diadem: Worlds of Magic; Score/Helaine; #2: News; letter)

Title: Notes of Note
Author: Ayaia of the Moon
Pairing: Score/Helaine
Fandom: Diadem: Worlds of Magic
Theme: #2: news; letter
Disclaimer: I own Diadem! Really! Am I lying? Yes! But I wish I weren’t…


Dear Helaine,

I’ve just cussed myself out for doing this at all, because my handwriting sucks, but it’s the only way I can say this; in fact, I’ve been telling myself that I don’t even have to give you this letter if I don’t want, and I think that’s the only way I can continue to write it.

Here it goes:

Since you left, I’ve been…well, I’ve been thinking. I know this is horribly cliché, but I’ve been thinking about us. And…Lord, I can’t even write it down. I can barely say it out loud.

You remember when you came and told us that you wanted some personal time and whatever? I tried for days to convince myself that I didn’t miss you. I went through this whole thing of wanting to hunt down some kind of stray animal to adopt as a pet. I think I wanted to replace you, because it felt weird to have you gone. Not that you’re replaceable, but…

Now I’m yammering. Okay, look.

I’m pretty sure that I like you. We’re both agreed on that. I wouldn’t have tried to defend your honor with Dorko Peverel if I didn’t like you. (And I did defend your honor, dammit, I just didn’t do it very well.) And you wouldn’t have said that you didn’t mind kissing me if you didn’t like me too, right?

Well, I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. And it’s honestly sort of freaking me out. But I think I’ve come to a sort of conclusion that makes sense: And I like you. Like, more than you thought. More than I thought.

Like, I wouldn’t mind too terribly if we decided to kiss again. And again and again and again. I’m pretty sure, actually, that we could fuse our lips together magically and get along fine. Except we might die of starvation. But apart from that…

So, tell me what you think. Of this whole liking you situation. Or the thing about us fusing our lips together. Either one. Or, you know, don’t. Because I might not give you this letter.

This was a bad idea.



Dear Score,

I can’t write very well – I thought it was silly to learn penmanship.

I think I’m all right with the idea. The idea of you liking me, I mean, not the idea that we fuse our mouths together because that is honestly kind of silly.

I didn’t understand a lot of what you wrote, not because your penmanship is too horrible, but because when you write, you don’t explain your strange Earth jargon…

What exactly does ‘Freaking out’ mean? I know you must have told me before…

I will see you shortly.



When Score next saw Helaine, she thrust a letter into his hand and stood there while he read it.

And when he finished, she took his face in her hands and kissed him.

After a moment of shock, Score returned the kiss with fervor.

And he decided that if he should ever fail at being a magic-user, he should take up writing. Because apparently he was good at it.

Tags: pairing: score/helaine, prompt: #02, series: diadem worlds of magic
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