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Going Nuts (Diadem: Worlds of Magic; Score/Helaine; #14: radio-cassette player)

Title: Going Nuts
Author: Ayaia of the Moon
Pairing: Score/Helaine
Fandom: Diadem: Worlds of Magic
Theme: #14 – radio-cassette player
Disclaimer: I own Diadem! Really! Am I lying? Yes! But I wish I weren’t…


Going Nuts


Matt Caruso (he preferred being called Score) decided things around Dondar needed a push in a more cheerful direction. Let’s face it, he thought, we have all these adventures and they’re taking a toll on us. So far they had battled many things. Unicorns, that Ice dragon, the Goblins (okay, Score admitted, that had been kind of fun); Hell they’d even battled the Triad, who were, in all actuality, their own potential selves. And then, when Score had thought they were in for a nice break, after they’d settled the business with the Unicorns, he had to go and start dying. Stupid Destiny. That one was her fault.
After they’d gotten back from Zarathan (and slept for a while) Score had begun to hatch a plan. (heh. Hatch. Zarathan. He’d made a punny!) After his visit to his home world, Score had started thinking about little improvements that could be made to the castle of the late Garonath. Electricity, for one, could come in handy, and even Helaine couldn’t turn her nose up at it…could she?
Score decided to introduce the plan slowly. He had to do some work, trying to contact Shanara without the ease of Helaine’s Agate to move things along, but through a series of playing ‘telephone’ with Oracle, Score managed a modest portal to Rawn, and a few hours later, with Shanara’s help, he’d returned to Dondar, sporting a few Earthly luxuries. A little battery-operated radio, for one, the ingredients for S’mores, since they were so good at making fires, and, of course, a Game Boy for Pixel.
He decided to ease his companions into the idea. He knew Pixel would be a shoo-in for his electricity idea, and then it would only be a matter of time before he was introducing other things. Maybe they could start celebrating holidays? Making a calendar of sorts to live by?
Grinning, content that his plan was a good one, Score started thinking about what he could make for dinner. It was his turn anyway, and he could always make something that the other two at least found edible. He knew his S’mores would be a hit (he hoped they would, anyway, since he didn’t know how Helaine felt about chocolate…or marshmallows…or, well, the Graham crackers, for that matter.) but they couldn’t have them for dinner.
He decided to try his hand at a Waldorf salad. Well, Dondar’s equivalent thereof. He wasn’t using apples, per say, they were more like a kind of berry than anything, but he could change that, easily. But he had no idea of what to use for mayonnaise or walnuts. And what was a proper Waldorf salad without mayonnaise or walnuts?
Deciding to get to that later, Score switched the radio on, frowning at the lack of reception. Well, he had to reason with himself, it’s not like there are any radio stations to pick up on Dondar, now are there? How could he have thought otherwise?
Shrugging, he switched to the ‘tape’ function, glad that he’d had the sense to have gotten one. It seemed to be an eighties mix of sorts. He set to changing the mysterious Dondarian fruits into apples, deciding to change some of the smaller ones into raisins, which, he reasoned, were a suitable substitute in case he didn’t find walnuts.
…I think we’re alone now.
There doesn’t seem to be anyone around!
I think we’re alone now!
The beating of our hearts is the only sound!
Score grinned. Tiffany, he remembered. She was huge in the eighties. He continued the tedious job of changing the fruit into the ingredients for his Waldorf salad, making sure he didn’t use so much magic that he’d be unable to get through the dinner he’d worked so hard on making.
…and so we’re running just as fast as we can!
Holding on to one another’s hands!
Trying to get away, into the night!
And then you put your arms
Score jumped, turning around to see Helaine, looking crazed, hacking at his radio, trying to kill the music that continued to feebly sputter from the speakers.
“Helaine, what are you doing!” Score exclaimed, rushing forward, stopping her from her assault. He knew that it was too late, however. Unless Pixel could fix it. Which Score doubted.
“Let me destroy it! It makes demonic sounds that have no doubt befuddled your brain!” Helaine exclaimed, trying to push Score out of the way.
“It’s not befuddling my brain! It’s just technology, Helaine! Music!”
That is not music!” Helaine screeched, raising her sword in such fury that Score had the sense to not get in her way or else he’d be sliced in half.
With Helaine’s devastating blow, the radio had finally had enough, the gears grinding to a halt and the music of Tiffany stopping along with them. It was dead.
Score frowned, picking at the pieces. Helaine just looked on the destruction proudly, sheathing her weapon and crouching to Score’s level, where he was hunched over the remains of his previously mint-condition battery-operated stereo, huffing in annoyance.
“Helaine, this was brand-new! Why’d you have to go all nuts on it?”
“I have not gone anywhere, and what do nuts have to do with anything?”
“I brought this radio from Earth. It was playing music.”
“That horrible sound? That was not music. And besides; how could one fit a musical instrument inside such a small metallic box? Clearly it was witchery, meant to drive the listener insane.”
“Helaine, did you ever stop to think that Earth music was different than Ordin music?”
Helaine looked outraged, as an angry flush kissed her cheeks briefly. Just as she opened her mouth for what Score knew was going to be a well-worded insult, he sighed. It was no use trying fight about it with her. She just didn’t understand.
“You know what? It’s fine. Never mind. Did you by chance know where I could get some walnuts? I’m making an Earth dish called ‘Waldorf salad.’”
Helaine grinned, anger forgotten as realization dawned on her face. “Was that what you meant before? Is this ‘going nuts’ a strange Earth-slang way of asking me to help you with dinner?”
Score just chuckled, shaking his head. “I guess so, in this case.”
Helaine looked delighted at having solved some of Score’s words on her own, even if it wasn’t entirely correct. “I will be most pleased to ‘go nuts,’ as the Earth-beings say. I think I saw some plants by the Unicorn pasture that might be worth looking at.”
Score nodded, glancing forlornly at the scrap-metal that was the remains of his radio. Maybe he’d try and introduce electricity another day. For now, it seemed he was going nuts with Helaine. Hey. At least he was in good company.

Tags: pairing: score/helaine, prompt: #14, series: diadem worlds of magic
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