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The Process of Spreading Contagions (Diadem: Worlds of Magic; Score/Helaine; #18: Say ahh....)  
9th-Dec-2014 04:58 pm
Title: The Process of Spreading Contagions
Author: Ayaia of the Moon
Pairing: Score/Helaine
Fandom: Diadem: Worlds of Magic
Theme: #18 – say ahh…
Disclaimer: I own Diadem! Really! Am I lying? Yes! But I wish I weren’t…


The Process of Spreading Contagions


Helaine Votrin abhorred sickness of any sort. She hated being bedridden, and she hated what interfered with her routine. It was just her nature. She was a warrior at heart, and the time she spent in bed could have been used for other, more useful things. Like scouting for new enemies. Or combat practice.
“Helaine, why are you being so damn annoying about this?”
Okay, useful things like pounding Score’s head into the ground.
“I’m fine,” she muttered, shrugging his hand away as he tried to rest it on her forehead. It was quite irksome to her that Score found her contrary opinion of sickness so vexing.
Pixel was just quietly puzzled at the whole ordeal. It seemed that children on Calomir were given ‘vacillations’ to prevent sickness, and so he’d never actually contracted one. (Helaine made a mental note to ask him why an aptitude for indecision made for a healthy child.)
“Helaine, if you’re so adamant that we don’t treat your illness, it will only get worse,” Pixel scolded then, frowning as she continued to evade Score’s hand in its mission to touch her forehead. Despite her efforts, however, Score finally succeeded in his asinine task, only to immediately withdraw his hand, shaking it. A look of concern crossed his features.
“What is it?” Pixel asked, worriedly.
“Fever,” Score said pointedly, feeling her forehead again to be sure. “She’s sick, Pix,” he sighed, taking the hand away again. “We need to get her some medicine or something.”
“No, we need to find out what kind of sickness she has,” Pixel said sensibly, going into problem-solving mode. “Even if we could find medicine of some kind, it might do more harm than good if it’s for the wrong thing.”
“Well, ask her majesty. What hurts, toots?”
Helaine started to huff a stern rebuke at Score for his teasing remark, and he hurriedly apologized, not wanting her to lecture him. She sighed. “My throat is most sore, and my chest feels crammed,” she stated obediently, “and when I stand I feel dizzy, and when I move I feel quite nauseated.”
“Sounds like the flu,” Score said to Pixel, who seemed to have lost her when she said her chest was ‘crammed.’
“What is the ‘flu’?” asked Pixel, in stereo with Helaine. The two looked at each other and Score grinned.
“I’m seriously the authority on this? Seriously?”
“I’ve never had an illness,” Pixel reminded them. “I only know about the diseases I’ve read about online.”
At the word ‘disease,’ Helaine hurriedly looked at Score, worried. “Is this ‘flu’ a ‘disease?’ Could I…perish?”
“Woah. This is a change.” Score sat on Helaine’s bed. “You’re not gonna die, Helaine. The flu isn’t a disease; it’s not even really dangerous. It’s a…a stomach virus.”
“Viruses are quite dangerous though,” Pixel said, looking at Score in alarm.
“Different virus, buddy. Computer viruses are bad for computers; human viruses just make us sick for a while. It’s okay. It’s a normal illness to have. Let’s just wait for Jenna. She’ll be back soon enough, and she knows more about this than we do,” Score suggested, absently pushing Helaine back into her covers as she made to get up once more. “Where did she go, anyway?”
Helaine huffed in annoyance and Pixel said something incoherent to the effect of ‘herb-gathering with Smoke.’
Score grinned again. “Perfect. She’ll have medicine.”
Pixel frowned. “I still say we should find out what sickness she has.”
Score sighed. “See if there’s a spell to identify an illness. If worse comes to worse, we’ll get her to Shanara, and if Shanara can’t help, we’ll take her to a doctor on Earth. They’re trained to handle stuff like this.”
Pixel nodded, and left the room, muttering about viruses and doctors.
“I am actually feeling much better –” Helaine started, trying again to get out of bed.
“Hold it, missy. No matter the sickness, I know of two things that will help. Bed rest is the first.” Score scolded her, pushing her adamantly back into her pillows. He then held his hand out in front of him, and instantly a glass of water appeared in his hand. “Lots of fluid is the second.”
Helaine looked unimpressed. “Changing air into water I can understand, but where did you get the glass?”
Score flushed. “It’s kinda made of ice. I haven’t gotten my solid carbon-based objects down yet.”
Helaine chuckled appreciatively, taking the water nonetheless and sipping at it. “It’s much better than your strange fizzy drinks anyway,” she sniffed, setting the glass down on her little table next to her bejeweled dagger.
Score scowled at her. “Just for that, no dessert, you.”
“Okay, there’s a spell,” Pixel was saying from down the hall, his voice getting louder as he approached the room; “but it takes a lot of magic, and Helaine has to concentrate hard on her symptoms.”
Pixel poked his head in the door at last, nose buried in one of the magic books that had made its home in their library, though Helaine was certain it had belonged to Shanara at one point.
“Should we wait for Jenna, or…” Score trailed off, looking at Helaine, who was scowling.
“I’m perfectly capable of helping out with the spell,” she huffed, though she looked significantly paler than she had before.
Score looked at Pixel, and the pair sighed. Pixel sat on the end of the bed, balancing the book on his knee and looking at it intently as the three joined hands.
“Silaiceps oilever,” Pixel muttered.
The effect was almost instantaneous, though Helaine fell back into her pillows from the unexpected force of the spell, and Pixel looked at Score in confusion.
“I saw a word in my head,” the blue-skinned boy said slowly, looking at Helaine, who looked rather the worse for wear. He stood up in alarm, but Score just laughed.
“I think we all saw a word in our heads,” Score said at length. He held out the ice-glass to Helaine, who took it gratefully, drinking almost the entirety of the water within before she set the glass down again.
“It was a gibberish word,” Helaine said, narrowing her eyes. “Right?”
“It looked more like a chemistry term,” Pixel said thoughtfully.
“It’s neither, and it’s both at the same time,” Score said. “Mononucleosis is a virus really similar to the flu…She’ll get over it in a few weeks, though I might have gotten it by that time…”
Pixel looked up at this. “Am I in danger of contracting this disease as well?”
To everyone’s surprise, Score blushed. “Ah, no. At least, I hope not. Um…You see…mononucleosis is famous because it’s contagious through – ahem – saliva.”
“Oh.” This was Pixel, his blush even more spectacular than Score’s, standing abruptly. “I’ll go and see about Jenna’s herbs, shall I?”
Before anyone could protest the blue-skinned boy’s absence, the Calomirian was gone, leaving Score alone with Helaine.
“But saliva is spit, is it not?” Helaine said in confusion.
“Yeah,” Score replied, letting out a long-suffered sigh.
“But…how could you contract my sickness if it’s spread through my…” Helaine trailed off as the idea took root in her mind. Surely…no…that couldn’t…
“I don’t know, Helaine, what in the world would you have to be doing to get your spit in my mouth?” Score sarcasmed. He smirked when Helaine realized what he was implying.
Helaine then took great pleasure in, not shrieking at him in mortification, no, but sitting up unsteadily in her bed, taking the collar of Score’s tee-shirt firmly in her fists and planting a long, firm kiss on his mouth.
In his surprise, Score fell with her back onto the bed, where she finally relinquished her hold on his shirt, pulling away with a triumphant grin that better suited Score himself.
“If I must be ill, you are sharing my illness with me,” she said matter-of-factly.
There were no objections raised, though Score couldn’t word any, and Helaine took that as assent as she set about sharing her contagions with the Earth-boy.

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