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Of Tradition, Metaphors, and Gummi-worms (Diadem: Worlds of Magic; Score/Helaine; #23: Candy)  
9th-Dec-2014 04:56 pm
Title: Of Tradition, Metaphors, and Gummi-worms.
Author: Ayaia of the Moon
Pairing: Score/Helaine
Fandom: Diadem: Worlds of Magic
Theme: #23: Candy
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own Diadem! Really! Am I lying? Yes! But I wish I weren’t…


Of Tradition, Metaphors, and Gummi-worms.


Kissing is much like trying an exotic food for the first time. You have no idea how something so disgustingly slimy can be so pleasant, but it just is — Damn that Score!
Helaine Votrin was really trying to watch her sister’s wedding vows. It wasn’t her fault that the idiosyncrasies that were Score’s made-up sayings (he claimed they were ‘homely truths’ on Earth, which she was skeptical about) kept popping into her head. She couldn’t remember the occasion for which he’d used said phrase, but she was certain it hadn’t been appropriate at the time.
Score, though, had never been one for propriety. Why, just now, at dinner, he’d transformed the Guinea fowl into something…else. It looked like the ‘cheeseburgers’ of Earth that he always went on about, but it was somehow different…Her father had been most displeased of course, saying he’d caught that guinea fowl himself…
She grinned, then, in a lopsided sort of way, reminiscent of the very boy she was thinking about. She did remember when he’d said that odd phrase. It had been on one of his trips to Earth, insisting upon stocking up on “real food” instead of the perfectly respectable things she herself tracked and took down with her bow.
Upon reaching one of the local markets which Score had called a ‘gas station’ (it was a place where the ‘cabs’ came to ‘get fuel’ though she hardly understood why a machine needed sustenance like a mule or a donkey.) He came out sporting a ‘five-fingered discount’ (He explained later that he’d stolen it, much to the dismay of Pixel and especially Helaine, who made him go back and leave payment for the workers) on one of his ‘cuisines’ from Earth, called ‘Gummi-worms.’
They were ‘disgustingly slimy’ indeed, and Helaine had demanded to know whether or not the brightly colored things were really worms, and what sort of nutritional value they held, until Score had poked one in her mouth. Helaine had objected until Score encouraged her to eat it, and she had then decided that it was indeed a glorious food, worthy of the title ‘cuisine.’
She had eaten the most out of the little bag, and then had spent the better half of the next five minutes kissing Score, (who didn’t object, as he liked gummi-worms as much as the next person) searching for traces of the wonderful gummi-worm taste in his mouth.
While Jenna and Pixel fawned over the ‘pizza’ Jenna had never quite gotten over on her first trip to Earth, Score had educated Helaine in the fine foods that were Earth’s candies, far superior to her own world’s equivalent thereof. Helaine had demanded bags of the Gummi worms as well as several others, some fruity, like the worms, and some sweeter ‘chocolates’ that Helaine had had initial misconceptions of, and others still that were veritable symphonies of mysterious tastes on her tongue. (Score called them ‘marshmallows’).
She had decided that she enjoyed these candies and was quite keen, even now, to go to Earth and get more, though she’d never say anything of the sort to Score.
“What are they doing?” Score muttered into her ear then, talking out of the corner of his mouth. Score, after all, was in the place of honor at the head of the hall, being the king of sorts, and he had no idea what was going on, save the vaguest notion that it seemed like an important ceremony. He didn’t believe it was really a wedding.
“Vows,” Helaine muttered back, from her place on his left.
“Why are they speaking in pig-latin?”
“Score, you know very well that pigs don’t speak,” she said in confusion, but Score just waved a hand at her.
“Tomato Tomahto.”
“Never mind.”
“Stand up.”
Helaine stepped on his foot as the congregation turned to him, and he stood up in a hurry.
“Um, you may kiss the bride?” Helaine subtly shook her head, and Score quickly corrected himself. “Or, uh, do whatever it is you folks do in this sort of occasion.”
Lord Votrin smiled, and then took out a bejeweled dagger, throwing it into the ground for all he was worth.
The gathered group cheered then, and Helaine grinned, throwing her own dagger into the ground, then turning to Score and kissing him lightly.
“What is up with your culture?”
“Speaking a different language for a wedding ceremony I get. But throwing daggers into the ground?”
“Don’t you have anything similar in weddings on Earth?”
“Well, kind of. I think in Jewish weddings they break a cup or something.”
“I dunno.”
“Take a guess then.”
“It makes sense to them to do it so they do?” Score was smiling; teasing her.
“I think it’s tradition,” Helaine answered in mock firmness.
“And kissing the long lost heir of Ordin?” He was definitely teasing now. Probably in want of a fist in his face…or a kiss. Depending on the mood he kept her in.
“Oh, that was just me improvising,” Helaine said, deciding to tease him back.
“I could see that.”
Helaine’s eyebrows suddenly furrowed. “What did you change your dinner into?” she asked, remembering her father’s insistence that Helaine’s friends not use witchcraft in his home.
“Something that wasn’t guinea fowl.”
“Something involving pepperoni?”
“Oh, no, that’s reserved for pizza only.”
Helaine smirked. “I tasted pepperoni,” she insisted, challenging him.
“Damn. I’ve been ratted out.” Score smiled, his arms resting comfortably around Helaine’s waist.
“Pepperoni is for pizza and guinea fowl, then?”
“You have a problem with that?”
“No, I had just hoped you might have gone for something…fruitier.”
“Like gummi-worms?”
Score grinned at Helaine, whose silence had told him all he needed to know. “Unfortunately, Ms. Votrin, I cannot seem to peg gummi-worms in my vast menu of food-changing, because I simply don’t know what they are. And if I don’t know what they are, how can I change something else into a gummi-worm?”
“Is there anything we can do?”
“You just want my lips for your own selfish gummi purposes, is that it?”
Score just smiled, and pulled Helaine closer. She closed her eyes, expecting another kiss…
“And I’m good with that,” he muttered, pressing something to her mouth…she opened her eyes in shock – it was a gummi-worm! He’d been holding out on her!
Score pulled a small bag of gummi-worms from inside his borrowed tunic, grinning at the smile that had appeared on Helaine’s face. “Kissing is like eating gummi-worms,” he said, holding another one out to her. “You don’t know how something so odd can end up making you smile…but it does.”
“Another of your ‘homely truths’ no doubt,” Helaine said doubtfully, taking the proffered candy nonetheless and poking it into her own mouth.
“Naw, I just made that one up.”
Helaine just extracted another worm from the bag. She held it in front of Score’s lips tauntingly. “But that’s not right,” she argued, poking the worm in his mouth as he looked at her in confusion.
She smiled. “That’s the only phrase that’s been truthful out of the nonsense you always spout.”
Score returned the smile. “You just want my lips for your own gummi purposes,” he said again. “But I like gummi-worms. So we’re good.”
Helaine just rolled her eyes and pulled his face toward hers, relishing once again in the sweetness that was his kiss.
And she didn’t think it had anything to do with the gummi-worms.
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