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In Comparison (Diadem: Worlds of Magic; Score/Helaine; #15: Perfect Blue) 
9th-Dec-2014 04:52 pm
Title: In Comparison…
Author: Ayaia of the Moon
Pairing: Score/Helaine
Fandom: Diadem: Worlds of Magic
Theme: # 15: Perfect blue
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own Diadem! Really! Am I lying? Yes! But I wish I weren’t…


In Comparison…


“Well, I’m not against the whole ‘R and R’ but why are we out here again?”
Helaine Votrin rolled her eyes, pulling Matthew Caruso (he preferred ‘Score’) in her wake as they climbed to the crest of one of the many rolling hills that surrounded the castle that was her home. They had just cunningly put a stop to the warring border lords, and they only awaited word from her father before heading home to Dondar.
Once they reached the peak of the hill (It wasn’t a peak really, just a glorified plateau of sorts) Helaine finally stopped, satisfied as she beheld the majesty before her; Her father’s estate blended gradually into the small town beyond the walls, and the houses of the lesser border lords slowly became the huts of the shopkeepers, and the hovels of the peasants. She turned to Score, expecting a look of awe on his face at the spectacular view, and was surprised when she found his gaze, instead, turned upward, towards the sky.
“Score, the view is that way,” Helaine said firmly, gesturing at the reason she’d brought him up here in the first place.
“Nice sky you got here.”
“If you think about it, Dondar’s sky is always some weird color. Pink, or Red. Purple too.”
“I suppose that’s true, but –”
“ – and New York? Fahgeddabouddit. Sky? What sky? We got Smog.”
“What is ‘smog?’”
“But here? You got this whole… I dunno. It’s blue, anyway.”
Helaine turned her gaze momentarily to follow his, confused. It was just the sky. It was a nice day, she supposed. Clouds puffed against a canvas of truest blue. She looked back at Score and laughed lightly to herself; he’d sprawled flat on his back, so as to better see the sky. She shrugged, joining him.
“I mean, look at it,” Score continued from his place in the grass, gesturing above him.
“It’s the sky, Score,” Helaine said simply.
“It’s not just the sky.”
“What is it then?” Helaine huffed, annoyed. Honestly. If he wasn’t going to make sense they could just go home, where he wasn’t supposed to make sense.
“It’s a majesty of perfect blue,” Score said decidedly, putting his hands behind his head and grinning.
“Otherwise known as the sky,” Helaine said stubbornly.
Score glanced over at her. His gaze was serious. “You don’t get it. In New York, no once cares about all the crap they’re putting into the air. You can’t even see the stars at night. On Dondar, the atmosphere makes the plants and stuff all weird and Technicolor. But here you have this amazing, perfect sky, and you don’t see it.” He turned back to look intently at said sky, and Helaine started to understand.
Even on Pixel’s world, (so he’d said) where there weren’t any towers obscuring the view, the sky was still hazy from the heat of their many, many computers. By comparison, the sky on Ordin was much nicer. She peeked at Score, her stare softer than it had been, but his moment had passed, and he had a look on his face that better suited a shark.
“By the by, Miss Votrin. Just how many boys do you bring up here anyway?”
Helaine shoved him, blushing at the insinuation. Score, however, leaned quickly forward, planting a quick peck on her lips, grinning at the look of utter confusion on her face before getting up and trotting back down the hill.
“It’s okay if you’re a shameless hussy, Helaine!” he called back merrily, obviously feeling daring because he had a head start on her and her sword. “It doesn’t change my feelings for you! I still think you’re a bullheaded, controlling Nazi, but now you’re a shameless, bullheaded, controlling Nazi hussy!”
Her next comment was brutalized by obscene language as she chased him down, vowing to hand his head to him.
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