xmellowlellow (xmellowlellow) wrote in 30_kisses,

Thank You

Title: Thank you
Author: xMellowLellow
Claim: Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Itachi
Theme: #06 - The Space Betweet Dream and Reality
Disclaimer: Sakura would be way more kickass if I had my hands on Naruto.

He was sick, very sick.

All that he was able to ascertain as he drifted in and out of conciseness was that he was in a hospital.

And occasionally there was a shock of pink.

As weeks past, he felt his body in turmoil, the antibiotics fighting an endless war against the disease inside.

All he saw was pink.

His eyes opened, days, weeks, months later. His savior stood over him with apprehension.

He took her soft, pale hand into his, bringing it to his lips, and pressing a soft kiss to her knuckles.

"You saved my life, thank you."

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