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Ten Defining Moments - part 7 of 10 (Naruto, Naruto/Hinata, #10) 
19th-Apr-2008 07:10 am

Title: Ten Defining Moments


Pairing: Naruto/Hinata

Fandom: Naruto

Theme: #10 #10

Disclaimer: The characters of Naruto belong to Kishimoto Masashi.  This story is written without permission, for fan purposes only.  Do not reproduce without permission.

It took 10 hours for Naruto to gain her father’s blessing to marry Hinata. 


(Actually, it would have taken less time if Hiashi had not caught them in a compromising position.  Naruto spent nine of those hours trying to convince Hiashi not to kill him…)


Hyuuga Hiashi was not blind.




He was the clan leader of a clan that was famous for its all-seeing eyes.


He knew that his daughter was in love with the jinchuuriki of the Kyubi no Youko.  He knew she was dating Uzumaki Naruto.  He didn’t exactly disapprove.  The boy was a strong ninja who had gained his nephew’s friendship and respect, which was no easy feat.  Hinata could have done a lot worse.  But he didn’t exactly approve, either.  The boy just wasn’t good enough for his daughter.  Though honesty compelled him to admit that he would probably never find a male anywhere in the world that was good enough to date his daughter.  He blamed his overprotective paternal instincts.  At least, he finally had paternal instincts!


He had made many mistakes in raising his daughters.  He could see that now.  He was trying to be a better father – and he thought he was succeeding… somewhat.  His relationship with both his daughters was much better than it had been in the past.  He was also doing his best to protect Hinata from an arranged marriage that would break her heart.  But the elders of the clan were pushing for a final decision on Hinata’s choice of husband.


Hiashi sighed.  Young people just didn’t have the same regard for the rules of courtship that they did back in the old days.  Uzumaki Naruto should have come to ask his permission before dating his daughter.  He did not.  But then again, neither did Neji ask for his permission before he started to court his teammate, Tenten.


Young people.  Hmph!  No respect at all.


To his credit, the boy seemed to care for Hinata almost as much as she cared for him.


Well, if the boy would not come to him, then he would just have to go to the boy.  It was time for him to find out exactly what Naruto’s intentions were towards his daughter.  Maybe then he could get the clan elders to shut up about arranging a marriage for Hinata.




A short while later…


Hiashi was standing before a respectable apartment in a middle-class neighborhood.  It had been easy enough for a man of his status to pull in a few favors and obtain copies of all the records for Uzumaki Naruto.  The long list of successfully completed high ranked missions impressed even him.  The boy would have no trouble providing for his daughter financially.  But he already knew that the boy was a very good ninja.  He wanted to find out if the boy would make a good husband.  Hiashi knocked sharply on the door.


No one answered.


Hiashi sighed in frustration.  He didn’t have much time.  He was an extremely busy man.  He wasn’t about to search the entire village for the boy.  If Naruto were not home, then he would have to summon him to the Hyuuga manor sometime soon so that they could talk.  Hiashi hesitated before he turned to go.  He could use his Byakugan to check if the boy was home.  As an unwritten rule, the Byakugan was not to be used frivolously to look into other people’s homes.  The Hyuuga maintained a strict code of ethics that forbid them from infringing on the privacy of their neighbors and fellow citizens.


However, this concerned his daughter.  The boy was likely not home anyways.  What harm would it do to look in on an empty apartment?  The veins around his eyes bulged as his Byakugan activated.


The apartment wasn’t empty.  And the boy wasn’t alone.  His daughter slept with limbs entwined in bed with that boy – and neither of them wore any clothes!  He did not need to be a genius to know what they had been doing right before falling asleep.


I’m going to kill him!


The front door splintered under the force of his Jyuken. 


Hiash stormed through the small apartment and slammed the door of the bedroom open – rudely waking both occupants.  Hours later, when he would calm down enough to think rationally, Hiashi would be pleased to remember that even half awake and caught unawares, the boy had automatically armed himself with a kunai from under his pillow and placed himself protectively in front of his daughter, putting himself between her and the perceived threat.  But right now, he was just furious.


“F-Father!” Hinata gasped in horror.  She sat up quickly pulling the sheets up to cover herself.


Naruto tensed even more.  He would have much preferred to face an enemy ninja rather than the father of his fiancé.


Hinata’s dad?  Shit.  I’m so dead.


“Father!  I can explain!”


“You may explain later.  Get dressed and go home.  That is an order!” Hiashi said frostily.  Then he turned his gaze to Naruto.  “You.  Get dressed.  Training ground 44 in ten minutes.  Don’t be late or I will hunt you down and make you regret the day you were born.  Do you understand me?”


“Yes, sir.”  Naruto gulped.


“Father!  Wait!”


“Hinata.  You will go home.  And.  You.  Will.  Not.  Interfere.”


Hiashi turned and stormed out.


“Hinata-chan?  I love you.”  Naruto kissed her hard.  Then he moved to do as he was told and got dressed.  “I just wanted to tell you that one last time, before your father kills me.”




Ten minutes later…


Naruto arrived at training ground 44, also known as the Forest of Death.  Hiashi was already waiting for him.


“Hiashi-sama.  Please let me explain,” Naruto pleaded.  He didn’t want to fight Hinata’s father!  She’d never forgive him if he hurt her father, but he didn’t want to die either.


“I don’t want to hear it,” Hiashi’s voice could put glaciers to shame.  He charged.  “Prepare to defend yourself.”


Nine hours later…


Naruto collapsed at the base of a giant tree.  He was battered and spent.  He sported numerous injuries and at least two cracked ribs.  Even his enormous chakra reserves were almost gone.  He had been at a disadvantage for the entire fight because he wasn’t aiming to maim or kill.  He had been only fighting to defend himself and hopefully subdue his opponent safely.  And he had not gone all out – which meant no Odama Rasengan and no Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken, either.  Nor did he call on the red chakra. 


Hiashi was not his enemy.


Hiashi was in much better shape.  Though his clothes were dirty, rumpled, and torn – and he was sweating and panting hard, he was still standing.  Hiashi had not held back, at all.  He had attacked with full intent to cause permanent – fatal – injuries.  For an older man, Hiashi was strong.  He had gone toe-to-toe with Naruto (and all his Kage Bushin) and had only required one soldier pill about five hours into their fight.


Hiashi put a knee to Naruto’s chest holding him down (not that Naruto had the energy to get up anyways) and a glowing hand infused with chakra to his temple.  He spoke for the first time in nine hours.


“Now.  I am going to give you ten seconds to explain to me why I should not kill you.  Start talking.”


Naruto gasped for breath.


“I love Hinata-chan.”


“Continue,” Hiashi looked slightly less angry.


“I asked her to marry me.”


“Did you?  When?” Hiashi was definitely looking less angry.


“Last night.”


Naruto sighed with relief when the hand that was poised to end his life stopped glowing.  He allowed himself to relax a little bit more when Hiashi got off him and took a step away.  Hiashi glared at the young man lying at his feet.


“Well.  Why didn’t you say so earlier?  We just wasted nine hours in the Forest of Death.”


Naruto shot him an incredulous look from his horizontal position on the ground.  Because you wouldn’t listen!  And you wouldn’t let me talk, either, you bastard!  Though he wisely kept his mouth shut.


“Get up and follow me.”


“Where are we going?” asked Naruto as he struggled to get to his feet.


“We are going back to the Hyuuga estate.  I have been saving a bottle of sake for just such an occasion, Son-in-law.”


Naruto blinked.  He must have been hit in the head one too many times.  Did Hinata’s father just call him son-in-law?  Did that mean what he thought it meant?  His eyes lit up with hope and a silly grin graced his lips.  Maybe fighting Hiashi had been a good thing.


A sudden spike of pain from his cracked ribs disagreed with him.


Then again… maybe not.




One hour and ten bottles of sake later…


“You are a fine young man, Naruto,” Hiashi slurred.  He was just a little bit tipsy.  “I approve!  Call me Dad.”


Then he fell over and passed out on the table.




Author’s Notes:


Yeah.  Hiashi was a bit OOC.  (laughs)  I do my best to avoid OOCness, but I couldn’t resist the idea of an overprotective Hiashi trying to castrate Naruto for touching his daughter.  (snickers)  Poor Naruto.  I got a good laugh out of writing this one.  I hope you did, too.  Enjoy!

FYI, I have a busy weekend coming up.  Next part will probably be finished on Monday.


28th-Apr-2008 09:23 pm (UTC)
LOL! This was fantastic! I didn't think Hiashi was OOC at all (except maybe the call me dad bit, but he was really drunk...). Whether he's exceptionally loving or not, he's still a man with a daughter. Naruto's lucky he didn't kill him in his sleep. *grins*

Loved this so much!
29th-Apr-2008 01:59 am (UTC)
Thanks! I had fun writing this, so I'm glad you had fun reading it. :)
1st-Jun-2008 05:37 am (UTC) - Yikes!
Don't kill him Father! Please! It was my idea!

*Pocahantas protection*

Somehow I am reminded of Hinata's Happy Birthday Manga.....*wink wink*
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