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Title: By Any Other Name Author/Artist: Chitsuki Pairing: Edogawa… 
16th-Mar-2005 10:41 pm
OT3 // Detective Conan
Title: By Any Other Name
Author/Artist: Chitsuki
Pairing: Edogawa Conan x Haibara Ai
Fandom: Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan)
Theme: 11. gardenia
Rating: PG for one scene
Disclaimer: Detective Conan belongs to Aoyama Gosho. I wrote this fic for personal entertainment purposes only and make no profit from it.

By Any Other Name

By Chitsuki

Disclaimer: Detective Conan belongs to Aoyama Gosho. I wrote this fic for personal entertainment purposes only and make no profit from it.

Extra notes: For LJ community 30_kisses, theme 11, gardenia. The drabble spawned when I was at work… at a client’s to boot, not just sitting in the office. >.>



It was just a guess. If there was one thing he knew less than music about, it was flowers.

She gave him a look as though when God gave out brains, he had obviously missed the line-up.

"It's a gardenia."

He shrugged. "Close enough."

"For a self-proclaimed meitantei, you sure can be clueless."

He sighed and put his hands behind his head. He couldn't believe Haibara Ai of all people had wanted to stop at the flower shop on the way home. A supermarket, yea, they did it all the time. A bookstore, he wouldn't have thought it was out of the ordinary. Even a pet shop, he could have come to terms with, but a florist, he wouldn't have guessed in his most bizarre dreams.

"A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet," he quoted. "Does it really matter?"

"It matters when I hate roses," she replied flatly.

Now he was slightly curious. "Why do you hate roses?"

"Why are you so stupid?" she deadpanned.

He scowled and she turned away, heading to the cashier with the flower shrub and some cash from her wallet. He watched as she exchanged a few words with the salesgirl and came back, the gardenia in her hand.

"Couldn't find an answer, could you?" she smirked at him.

He ignored her. "Why did you buy a flower?" he asked instead, falling into step next to her as they headed for the professor's house.

She shrugged. "Feeling spontaneous."

"That's your definition of spontaneous?" he muttered, rolling his eyes heavenward.

Something soft and velvety suddenly brushed against his cheek, like the feeling of a young girl's innocent kiss. His first instinct was to blush a bright red. He turned sharply to look at her, but she seemed only to be interested in her newly acquired possession, fingering the petals carefully, a rare sparkle shining in her eyes. His hand reached up to touch his cheek.

"Ah, Haibara?" he began.

"Yes, Kudo."

"Um, did you just..."

"What?" she prompted him.

"Ah, what I mean is, well, what did you just do?" he stuttered.

"Oh, you mean this?"

He waited, his heart pounding unevenly, his thoughts swirling in a turmoil of confusion.

She raised the pot of flowers with her hand, and let the soft petals of the gardenia brush against his cheek.

She snickered at the look on his face. "What did you think I did, Kudo?" she asked, raising her eyesbrows.

"Nothing!" he said a little too quickly.

"Maybe you were thinking...this?"

She let her arms slink slowly around his neck and brought her face closer his, making the colour of face change from a bright tomato red to a fire-engine red.

"Ah, I um..."

And then he noticed it. Her normally icy turquoise eyes were mocking him. And he knew exactly what she was going to say next.

"Just kidding, Kudo."

She pulled herself away from him and walked away, her full attention once again focused on that darn gardenia.

He scowled at her retreating back.

He had a newfound hatred for gardenia.



Total word count: 513

Hope you enjoyed. =)
2nd-Apr-2005 01:49 am (UTC)
*fan-girl squeal* SQUEEEEEE! Thats just too adorable!
8th-Apr-2005 08:48 pm (UTC)
I love your characterization of Ai.
19th-Aug-2006 08:35 am (UTC)
OMG my favourite pairing~~~
<3 you for writing.
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