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# 29 The Sound of Waves

Title: The Sound of Waves
Author: derlirum
Pairing: Karen Kasumi and Aoki Seichiirou
Fandom: X
Theme: # 29 The sound of waves
Note: Rough draft.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Copyright of CLAMP and Kadokawa Shoten Publishing.

The Sound of Waves (Karen x Aoki [X])

She meets him, unexpectedly, on the pedestrian bridge leading into Ueno. She hesitates, wonders whether she should greet him. But he immediately steps up to her, bows and shakes her hand, asks if she is well.

Yes, thank you, she answers. And are you and your family well?

He nods, smiles. Yes, we're all well. Thank you.

It’s been a long time, she remarks.

A couple of weeks, right?

Yes. But then, there haven’t been any incidents lately.

He agrees.

She notices the white plastic bag in his hand, the name of the store, in bold red characters, puckering near the handle. He smiles, shakes the bag. I went to buy some dried cuttlefish on my way home, he explains. It’s a little out of my way, but I thought it would be nice to have.

I’m sure your wife will like it, she assures him.

You’re on your way there yourself, right? He motions to the other end of the bridge.

Well, no, actually. I just like coming here.


Yes. It’s a little silly, I know, she laughs.

He shakes his head. No, it isn’t. But, he confesses, I have to say I’m a little curious as to why you like coming here.

I like the height of the bridge, she says, and the sound of the traffic below.

The sound of traffic? he echoes.

It’s like the sea and the wind, she explains. If you stand here and listen, you can hear them.

They lean over the railing. Beneath their feet, the cars streak down the freeway. The rush of their speed breaks upon them then recedes in the distance.

You’re right, Karen-san, he says. I hear them.

They listen for a while longer, before they return to the center, face each other. He checks his watch. I suppose I should get going, he says a little apologetically.

Oh, yes! I’m so sorry to keep you! She bows, embarrassed.

No, don’t be! he tells her. I really enjoyed our little trip.


Yes. Thank you for taking me there. He gestures to the freeway below. It was nice.

She smiles. I’m glad you liked it.

He bows and leaves. She watches him until he disappears from view. Then she turns to the railing and stares at the lights of the cars burning down the freeway.
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