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Divertimento (Howl's Moving Castle, Sophie/Howl, #14 - radio cassette player)

Title: Divertimento
Author/Artist: yawmin @ catadamon
Pairing: Howl/Sophie
Fandom: Howl's Moving Castle
Theme: #14 - radio-cassette player
Disclaimer: This fiction was written for entertainment purposes only. Howl's Moving Castle is owned and written by Diana Wynne Jones. Standard disclaimers apply.

Foreword: Book!verse, with Castle in the Air pseudo-spoilers.

"Gwah! Wa!" The chubby toddler gurgled, waving his hands near his father's face.

Howl smiled, placing his hands over the toddler's arms. He was getting far too close to touching Howl's perfect hair. "Yes, Morgan. I know. I think Mozart was a genius too." Tilting his head to the side, Morgan looked curiously at his father. Howl smiled. "No, not as much of a genius as myself," the wizard said with a very self-important flip of his hair.

The toddler laughed hardily, causing Howl to burst into laughter himself. "Oh, you think that's funny do you?" He proceeded to tickle his infant son mercilessly.

"Howl, stop tormenting him," Sophie said as she walked into the living room, carrying a basket of laundry. "And I told you a thousand times now, to not put that snake on Morgan's head!"

"It's not a snake, darling. They are only headphones," he said, taking the device in question off of Morgan's head. The toddler instantly began to cry as he watched his father twirl the headphones around. "Now, see what you've done?" Howl put the headphones back on Morgan's head. "He likes it, Sophie. Besides, I'm teaching him to appreciate good music."

"You're going to make him deaf before he's three!" Sophie insisted. "Now come off you confounded widget!" Attacked by Sophie's... special brand of witchcraft, the headphones willingly obeyed and fell to the floor with a clank. The baby began to cry again.

"See?" Howl defended, holding the baby up as to emphasize poor Morgan's tragedy. "How can your poor mother treat us so, Morgan?" he added dramatically.

Sophie rolled her eyes as she put down the laundry. With a few steps, she swept Morgan into her arms and rocked him back and forth a few times. The baby's crying turned to a very cute and quiet gurgle. "Honestly, Morgan. You're getting to be as bad as your father." She lanced over at Howl, who in return put on a dazzling smile. "As for you, stop spoiling him. You're teaching him bad manners."

Howl stood up from his chair, and wrapped his arms around Sophie's waist. "But cariad, who am I to spoil, if I can't even spoil my own son?"

With a sigh, Sophie relaxed a little, leaning back into Howl's embrace. "You spoil yourself plenty already, Wizard Pendragon."

"Oh I think you contribute plenty to that, yourself, Sophie dear," Howl purred into Sophie's ear. "After all, you did marry me."

"A decision that I question daily," Sophie said playfully.

"Oh, do tell." Sophie could feel Howl's mouth shift into a mischievous grin against her ear. He placed his lips against the crook of her neck and said, "Besides, I think you are just jealous that I do not spoil you enough."

Before Sophie could come up with a witty reply, Morgan--who was still being held close to his mother's chest--spotted a wave of pretty blonde hair fall over his mother's shoulder. This was the pretty color that he always wanted to yank and chew on, but was never allowed to. With a happy giggle, he yanked the hair down so it could reach his mouth.

With a painful yelp, Howl's head snapped further down. When he realized what had happened, he was already too late from stopping Morgan in covering the tips of his hair with approving baby drool.

Sophie broke into peels of laughter, thinking to herself that The Great Wizard Pendragon had gotten what he justly deserved.


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