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SanaYuki Challenges 28 (Wada Calcium CD3) and 23 (Candy)

Title: A Pleasant Excursion to the Health Foods Aisle (OR, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love K-Y Jelly)
Author: Penguin
Pairing: Sanada x Yukimura
Fandom: Tenipuri
Theme: #28: ワダカルシウムCD3, Wada Calcium CD3
Disclaimer: Their asses and other bits are Konomi Takeshi's.

"...and this...this...this is meant for children, but I gather it'll be gentler on your system..."

Yukimura took a withering glance at the ever-growing stack of supplements, herbal remedies, creams, and the odd book of healing Buddhist chants. He began to regret agreeing to let Sanada take him to pick up his medication the moment they walked into the store together. Currently, knocking him on the head and dragging his unconscious body back home was looking to be a good course of action.

"Genichirou, we only need to buy what's on the prescription strip," Yukimura reminded his well-meaning boyfriend. "If we buy all of this, I'll be more medication than man."

Sanada spun around, a harried look on his face. Apparently, Yukimura had interrupted him in the middle of a debate on the benefits of Wada Calcium CD3 pills versus Flintstones Chewable Vitamins as a treatment for recovering patients.

"But--!" he started.

"I'm the one who's going to have to get all of this down," Yukimura pointed out. "And my parents are the ones who are supplying the funds."

"If money's the issue, I would pay..." Sanada said earnestly. "Do you like cherry or grape flavor best?"

"Money's not the issue; keeping my lunch down after I'm packed with enough meds to floor a horse is!" said Yukimura, exasperated.

Sanada's eyes widened. "You're having nausea? I just saw some stomach pills down the aisle--"

With that, Sanada stalked down the aisle; a man on a mission. Yukimura groaned. Well-meaning, yes, but Sanada still needed to draw the line between "helpful" and "obsessive."

As Yukimura gazed along the shelves, waiting patiently for his boyfriend-come-nurse to return, something caught his eye. He grinned.

"Found them!" Sanada declared, depositing the spoils of the hunt into the cart. "I also picked up some compresses to put on your stomach to stop the nausea, and we can pick up some ginger ale..."

"I found something, too."

Sanada looked up, blinked, and flushed.

"To answer your question, I like grape best," Yukimura said with a smile, dropping the lubricant into the cart. He slipped a hand behind Sanada's neck, drawing him down for a kiss. "...and I'm sure that it'll be very gentle on my system."

Special bonus Valentine's Day feature, ACTIVATE!

Title: The Sweetest Kiss of Them All
Author: Penguin
Pairing: Sanada x Yukimura
Fandom: Tenipuri
Theme: #23: 飴玉, candy
Disclaimer: Their asses and other bits are still Konomi Takeshi's.

Please forgive my utter inability to color.

Oh! Who's giving the Hershey kiss to whom?! (And yes, that's supposed to be a Hershey kiss. STOP MOCKING ME!) IT'S A MYSTERY AND I'M NOT TELLING~! Mainly 'cause I'm not sure, myself. Fancy that.

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