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Phone Call (Gravitation, Yuki and Shuichi, #2) 
18th-May-2005 11:43 am

Title:  Phone call
Author: ralphiere
Pairing: Yuki and Shuichi
Fandom:  Gravitation
Theme: #2 news; letter
Disclaimer: Gravitation and all charaters are owned by Maki Murakami



#2, news; letter
Being on tour was an exciting and exhilarating experience.  Playing night after night to clubs packed with almost rabid fans was something that the members of Bad Luck had once dreamed of, and were now living the reality.  But being on tour also meant months of living on the road out of the tour bus, traveling from venue to venue in a rushed haze, and teetering on the edge of constant exhaustion.  It wasn’t often that Bad Luck found themselves in an actual hotel room, but when it did happen they enjoyed it for all it was – a comfortable bed and a shower that they could enjoy without having to fold themselves in half.
Hiro and Shuichi’s laughter could be heard throughout the building as they raced down the halls and shoved each other aside to get the keycard in the slot.  It had been over a month since they had the luxury of a long hot shower in a bathroom large enough to actually stand up in, so the race was on.  Shuichi had his shirt off before Hiro even kicked the door shut, and was stepping out of his jeans as he lunged for the bathroom door.
“I won!”  Shuichi yelled in triumph as he slammed the door shut and immediately turned the water on.
“No fair!  You cheated!”  Hiro laughed, tossing his bag on the bed before throwing himself down next to it.  He stretched out and closed his eyes, relaxing to the sound of the running water.  Just as he started to doze, Shuichi’s cell phone started ringing from his discarded jeans on the floor.  Hiro jumped up and snagged it out of the pocket.
“Shuichi, your phone’s ringing.  Want me to get it?”  Hiro leaned against the closed door and raised his voice to be heard over the sound of the shower.
“Could you?  I’m coming out now anyway.”
The shower shut off just as Hiro was hitting the ‘send’ button.  “Hello?”
The person on the other end paused for a second before responding.  “Hiro?  Put Shuichi on.”
Hiro rolled his eyes and smirked at no one.  It wasn’t a secret that there was no love lost between them, but it never ceased to amaze him that Shuichi could be with such a prick.  “Yup.  Hold on a second, he’s just getting out of the shower.”  Hiro tossed the phone on the bed as Shuichi was opening the door.  Hiro pointed towards the phone and made a face.  “It’s prince charming.”
Shuichi stuck his tongue out at Hiro and scooped the phone up.  Water was dripping freely onto his shoulders from his wet hair and a towel was wrapped carelessly around his thin hips.  He smiled happily, and pressed the phone to his wet ear.  “Hi Yuki!  You won’t believe the place we get to stay in this time-“
“Hey – I can’t really talk now.  I have a meeting in an hour but I thought I should talk to you first.”
Shuichi lost his smile, his expression becoming serious enough to cause Hiro to look at him with concern.  “Talk to me about what?”
“I just got word from my agent.  Some American companies have put in bids to translate my books.”
“That’s great!  This is big news, I’m glad you wanted to share it with me first.” 
“Well, that’s not all.”
Shuichi’s stomach flipped.  “What else is there?”
“She wants me to go and meet with the companies – work on the PR thing.  I’m going to New York.”
Shuichi tried to hide his shock, hoping he sounded normal.  “New York? …When?”
“The date’s not final, but the beginning of next month.”
“I’ll be back by the fourth Yuki.  I haven’t seen you in six months and I – “
“I want you to come with me.”  Yuki almost sounded nervous; Shuichi must be more tired than he thought.
“To New York?”
“Yeah.  Listen, I know we haven’t been getting along that great since you’ve been on tour, but I need you to go with me.”
“Alright Yuki, of course I’ll go.”  Shuichi wondered what this was all about, unable to place what he heard in Yuki’s voice.  “Are you okay?”
“Yeah.  I just want our lives to get back to normal.”  His voice laced with annoyance, Yuki sounded like himself for the first time since the conversation started.
“Me too.  I love you, you know.”
“I know.”  Yuki cleared his throat; he was always uncomfortable talking on the phone.  “I’ve got to go.”
“I know.”  Shuichi’s voice was soft, but understanding.  He didn’t want to fight anymore.  He was tired and homesick – wanting nothing more than the tour to end.  “Call me when you know more.”
“Alright…bye…” Yuki hesitated a moment before he hung up, giving Shuichi a fleeting hope that Yuki would say something, anything, more.  Hitting the ‘end’ button, he put the phone down on the nightstand before opening his suitcase and pulling out some clean jeans.  His mind was working over what he’d just learned.  Yuki.  New York.  Him.  Hiro’s voice pulled him out of his thoughts.
“Everything okay?”  Hiro looked at him as if trying to read his expression.
“Yeah, uh, everything’s great.”  Shuichi sounded tired.  “Yuki’s going to New York, and he wants me to go with him.”
“When the tour’s done.”
“This is good news then, right.  Why do you look so down?”
Shuichi shrugged his shoulders as he stepped into his jeans.  “No, it’s great, really.  It was just so sudden, and so unlike Yuki.  He sounded weird.  I just hope he’s telling me everything – I hope he’s okay.”
“I’m sure he’s fine.  He’s a big boy and can take care of himself.”
“I know.  I’m just tired and reading into this more than I need to.”  Shuichi smiled and started toweling off his hair.  “Don’t you miss home, Hiro?”
“Everyday, man, everyday.”  Hiro slung his arm around Shuichi’s neck and kissed his cheek.  “I’ll save my shower for when we get back, let’s go get something to eat, I’m starved.”
Shuichi nodded and playfully pushed Hiro away.  “You’re homesick and lonely.  You need to find yourself a special friend.”
Hiro smirked and tossed Shuichi his shirt.  “Nah, you’re a deep sleeper.  Once you’re out I get to do whatever I want.”
“You wish!  Not that I’d be able to tell in the morning, anyway.  I know you’re sensitive and all about your tiny dick, so I try not to mention it.”  Shuichi grinned and ducked, the pillow Hiro launched just missing him.
“C’mon, let’s eat first and I’ll kick your ass for my honor later.”  Hiro nudged Shuichi’s shoulder and smiled.  “It’s nice to see you laugh.  I’ve missed it.”
“Me too.”  Shuichi slung his arm around Hiro.  “Let’s go.”

This is the beginning of a larger tale.  I'm going to be linking the next few kisses together, and hopefully will be able to create something, um, interesting.

18th-May-2005 04:15 pm (UTC)
O.M.G. I love this! And I was really so much in the mood for a tour story, ya know!!! Looking forward to the next one!
18th-May-2005 11:50 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it ^^d
18th-May-2005 10:07 pm (UTC)
Aaah, I like it so far. Love this pairing, and you write it quite nicely.

Looking forward to your next update! ^^
18th-May-2005 11:51 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much. The next part is coming together, and keep them true. ^^
20th-May-2005 10:04 pm (UTC)
You've got me completely intrigued with Yuki's behavior. *waits for more*
27th-May-2005 03:18 pm (UTC)
Voila, I just posted the next installment!! (sorry I didn't respond sooner, I've been out of it!)

Thank you!! ^^
1st-Jun-2005 02:18 pm (UTC)
Heeee, cute! ^^
1st-Jun-2005 03:43 pm (UTC)
Thank you! *grins*
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