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The Deep Ocean (Fruits Basket, Kyou and Tohru, #29) 
12th-May-2005 11:47 am
Winter Road
Title: The Deep Ocean
Author/Artist: istoria
Pairing: Kyou/Tohru
Fandom: Fruits Basket or Furuba
Theme: 29 - The Sound of Waves
Disclaimer: I wish I owned Fruits Basket.  Because if I did, I'd be able to afford one of each of the zodiac animals

She’s laughing again.  Above the murmur of the crowd, the squeals of children, even the pounding of the waves themselves he can still hear her.

A ball rolls up in front of him and he sighs, recognizing the colorful pattern on it.


She’s standing in the water waving her arms around frantically like he was holding a bomb about to explode.  He attempts to throw it back to her but the wind is to strong and the light ball rolls to his feet.

He hears a snide remark and instantly glares in Yuki’s direction.  The Rat smiles at him and runs his hands in the water, taunting him over the fact that Kyou does not like to swim much.


He frowns and turns back to her, moving slowly towards the water.  A pair of kids runs past him, kicking up sand and water.  His eyebrow twitches several times but he lets it slide because he knows it would upset her.

He reaches the surf line and puts a foot forward just as the water races towards him.  He picks it up before it gets wet.

Yuki is saying something but Kyou isn’t listening.  He doesn’t pay attention to his arch rival until the water is suddenly being kicked in his direction. His head whips around and he sees the Yankee, smiling deviously as she tries to get him wet.

Tohru tries to intervene but it’s too late.  Kyou throws the ball right at Uo.  He forgets about the water for a moment and it sneaks up on him.  He pedals backwards quickly and trips.  They’re laughing at him.

With a glare that could have frozen entire ocean, Kyou stomps away, ignoring the taunts of Uo as he heads back to the towel.  He sits down and crosses his legs, preparing to settle in for a long pouting session.

Before he let the anger settle permanently into his face, Tohru runs up to him and sits down next to him.  He looks at her and she smiles happily at him.

“What?” he demands.

She still smiles, despite the harsh tone.  “I wanted to sit down for a while.”

He knows she’s lying.  Five seconds ago she was full of energy. He ruined her fun again and it makes his scowl worse.  But for some reason, that always seems to make her smile more, as if she’s trying to make up for grumpiness.

“Stop that,” he says.

“Stop what?”

“Just go back to the others already.”

“I wanted to rest.”

He wants to continue but he lets it drop.  He hates getting angry at her so he just looks out at the sea.  She starts humming next to him and drawing in the sand.  He tries to ignore her but it’s hard. Her happiness is infectious and soon he is looking over her shoulder to see what she’s drawing.

It a bad attempt to make an onigiri and a cat, but he gets the point.  He even can tell that they’re playing in the sea, a circle floating above the cat’s head obviously supposed to represent the ball.

She stops drawing and he wonders why.  Until he sees that his peeking has driven him close to her, so much that he can see the tiny hairs behind her ear.  He freezes because he doesn’t know what to do.  If he moves away, she’ll think he doesn’t want to be near her.  If he stays close then… then…

The ball arches in the air and hits him, snapping his head forward and into her hair.  For a second, he’s completely lost in the sea of brown, tendrils of hair pulling his lips as he dives forward. 

Then his skull hits hers hard and it’s over in a flash of stars. Uo and Yuki are screaming at him for knocking into Tohru so hard.  It doesn’t matter that it was Uo’s idea to throw the ball at him or that it was Yuki who threw it.  Tohru just sits there and holds her head.

Then she starts to laugh.  She points to the picture and he sees the premonition there.  So even he can smile a bit.  As soon as the others get the joke, the anger is gone.  Tohru decides to go back in and she takes Kyou’s hand to take him with her. 

He doesn’t protest but he isn’t really thinking of the cold water on his legs.  His mind is still another sea, one that smells like lilacs and not salt.
12th-May-2005 06:24 pm (UTC)
Wow. This is was really good. *___* (And the characterization of Tohru and Kyou, their interaction, etc., was wonderful.)
12th-May-2005 07:06 pm (UTC)
That was really sweet, and I echo the sentiment that your characterization was perfect. I <3 this pairing.
20th-Jun-2005 07:37 pm (UTC) - Love this story
I love the story It is one of the best kyoru fics I have read and I have read over 50
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