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Theme #26 - If Only I Could Make You Mine 
11th-Mar-2005 06:02 pm
Title: Unhealthy Obsession
Author/Artist: Haruno/Alden
Pairing: IruAnko
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: R, for Anko seducing Iruka and references to adult entertainment.
Theme: #26 - If Only I Could Make You Mine
Disclaimer: Je n'ai pas Naruto, seulement mes fanfictions. (I love random french, heheh. What I hope it means: I don't have/own Naruto, only my fanfics)

Unhealthy Obsession
Theme 26. if only I could make you mine

It irritated her.

Mitarashi Anko eyes the man through the window from the cafe from across the street, stirring her coffee with a plastic stick. Umino Iruka, chuunin teacher. She sighs, staring into the blackness of the liquid, the steam rsing up into her eyes. She looked up again, watching him speak, watching him shuffle through his papaers, bang his knee against his desk.

He'd never have been a good field ninja.

The tenderness on his face, that's what she thinks draws her to him. How he seems so young, in a village where even a child is aged beyond their years. Why does she sit here staring at him, picking up night missions instead of day ones, drinking coffee all of a sudden instead of training? Why is she obsessed with the colour of his eyes, the shape of his lips?

She wants him. She wants to rip off that chuunin jacket, jam his face against hers, seduce him in front of his class in all kinds of perverted ways. Her eyes roam over him, studying him, devouring him. She wants to hurt him, to own him, to make him her own.

To win him.

The solution is clear to her, but even she is hesitant. She's always gotten what she wanted before - Her innocence had been lost long before she'd ever amde chuunin. Her hand roamed to her neck and she winced at the memories. The village, they'd never forgiven her. He would, though, that was how he was.

She stands up quickly, determined to do this before her courage fails her. She's too old, seen too many things to have such a crush. She'd just have to make it more than that. She crosses the street, picks up a small pebble and rolls it around in her hand. She tosses it at the window, making a small thud.

He looks up from the book (he must be reading to the class, she thinks) , and she grinns at his surprise. It's so genuine, so funny to see. She gestures, pointing with both hands to her left. The side door. She slips away before any of the students could see her.

She can hear his approach, the whispers between his students, the doorknob clicking. The door opens, and his face, confused, is there. It's unbearable, and she pull him forwards and presses her lips to his, tongue lashing out and walking forwards, pressing him down on the desk and kissing him like a bad lifeguard with a dying swimmer in a bad porn flick.

She pulls off him and lets him fall off the desk, almost coughing. She grins, satisfied with her molesting of the dolphin of her obsession.

"Iruka," she says as she leaves. "The bar on Hikari street, 9:00. Be there or I'll come to class tomorrow... Kay?"

And she grins as the door closes behind her.


11th-Mar-2005 11:07 pm (UTC)
I am one of the few losers who hasn't seen Naruto yet... But I still loved this. It was fun. ^^
12th-Mar-2005 12:53 am (UTC)
Anko's an under-utilized character in fanfiction. I'm glad to see her here. :D
2nd-Jan-2006 05:28 am (UTC)
dis fic was nice *nosebleeds* pleaz write more! ^_^
11th-Jul-2008 06:09 am (UTC)
Cool! What a cool pairing! I always want to see Iruka paired up with someone...that's not a guy. ^_^ Anko is great!
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