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Record Highs (Ouran High School Host Club, Kyouya/Tamaki, #19) 
27th-Jul-2006 09:57 pm
bleach; aizen; just a little unwell
Title: Record Highs
Author/Artist: Cssndr (subtle_subtext)
Pairing: Kyouya/Tamaki.
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club.
Theme: #19, red.
Disclaimer: Neither King belongs to me, unfortunately, and my dog would hate Antoinette. :\

At this point, Kyouya could hardly be bothered to remember what had gotten him into this condition to begin with. He was gasping for breath, his glasses slightly askew, and the hand that he let fall beside him after dragging it across his forehead was sticky with sweat. The only positive thing to be drawn from the situation, he thought, was that Tamaki was in the same boat. Possibly with a slight sunburn, to boot.

"Remind me once more why I'm chasing your dog, Tamaki."

The blonde glanced up from the torn knee of his jeans, dismayed expression still in place. "Because she's chasing your cat," he stressed, not for the first time.

Also not for the first time, Kyouya shot the younger boy a scathing look. "That cat is not mine; it belongs to Father. Furthermore, this whole mess could have been prevented if you'd just left that mutt at home."

There was a moment in which Kyouya wondered, vaguely and irrelevantly, at the consequences of besmirching dear Antoinette's honour, and then Tamaki was keening, whining and nearly wailing, draping himself over his best friend supplicatingly.

"Tamaki! Stop i--- stop! It's too hot for this --"

Actual irritated protest faded into a subtly annoyed look as the King opened his eyes to meet Kyouya's. "You're not going to leave me to find her on my own, are you?"

... Damn. He could have, too. But those eyes looked more violet than ever in contrast with the harsh red of sunburnt cheeks, and there was a dam of tears threatening to burst. If anything in the world could disarm Ootori Kyouya, it was Suou Tamaki and his maddening sincere need.

Leaning down, Kyouya placed a serene, uncomfortably warm kiss to Tamaki's forehead. "No, Tamaki. Just get off of me before we melt together."

Though in another circumstance, the Shadow King mused as he rose languidly to his feet, it wouldn't have been unwelcome.

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29th-Jul-2006 10:41 pm (UTC)
RAWR. That was cute. ♥
1st-Aug-2006 05:25 am (UTC)
Thank you~. ^^ That was definitely my aim; this pairing hardly has enough room for zOMGcute, because it's so easy to make it tragic. I'm glad you liked it. ♥
1st-Aug-2006 05:13 am (UTC)
I've never really thought to explore this pairing before - mainly because I am totally a Haruhi fan :). But now that I look at it as it is presented in your fic, I have to wonder why I have not considered it before.

You did a great job writing this fic - you show both how a relationship works as a rule and how this particular relationship works without rules. I love the way that you don't wander into the heavy handed words of love, but instead you float on the surface of the attraction. I also like the way in which you show Kyouya's inability to resist Tamaki at his most persistent.

Thank you for writing and for sharing!
1st-Aug-2006 05:32 am (UTC)
I dig Haruhi, myself; she's inarguably the best heroine/female lead I've ever seen. I also totally ship Tamaki/Haruhi -- but I'm a diehard Kyou/Tama fan at heart. If you've seen some of the other pieces I've done for this challenge, you'll know that I tend to write this pairing as being a little one-sided, with Tamaki's attention mostly diverted by Haruhi. I couldn't make the whole challenge one big angstfest, though, so I'll throw out a fluffy piece like this now and then. ^^;

'Heavy handed words of love.' I like that phrase. Generally, I try to avoid those sorts of things, because that's what tends to turn me off from romance fics, more often than not. The fact that you mentioned it kind of made me sparkly. ♥

My Kyouya -- that is, the Kyouya that I write -- is an immovable object to most, but in this case, the irresistable force wins out, nine times out of ten. The Shadow King has a soft spot, and he generally doesn't like to show it. He'll even play a bit of a martyr's role in keeping Tamaki happy, even if it means he won't have Tamaki. I don't like drowning my readers in that 'anything for you' vibe, though. It's much more subtle than that for Kyouya.

Thanks for reading! And sorry about the crazy!long response. ^^;
30th-Sep-2006 09:50 pm (UTC)
"Because she's chasing your cat," Oh my, I just saw the whole situation in my mind and imagined Kyouya's cat to be as calculative and sneaky as her/his owner [with the glasses and a notepad xD]

30th-Sep-2006 10:32 pm (UTC)
Maybe not as calculative and sneaky. It's hard to match up to le' Shadow King, after all. XD But you know she's gotta be a smart kitty. Takes after her mommy, I'm sure. (And no matter what Kyouya says, that cat is his. He loves it to bits.)
1st-Feb-2007 01:00 pm (UTC)
Loved reading this - it was fun, grin-inspiring and oh-so easy to imagine actually taking place.

I was in the mood for something Angst-free, so I picked this as having the most promising title in that regard. ^^;
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