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Title:  Water to Whet the Appetite Author: ralphiere… 
28th-Feb-2005 10:41 pm

Title:  Water to Whet the Appetite
Author: ralphiere
Pairing: Yuki and Shuichi
Fandom:  Gravitation
Theme: #27 Overflow
Disclaimer: Gravitation and all charaters are owned by Maki Murakami


Big thanks to cheeky_duckie  for the great beta job!


Water to Whet the Appetite
            The house was quiet when he came home, which wasn’t unusual.  Yuki wasn’t the kind of guy to listen to music or the drone of the television to keep him company while he worked.  Yuki required silence to tap his muse – which was why he tended to work well into the night while Shuichi slept.  He had learned that Shuichi was completely incapable of being quiet and had stopped trying to fight it.  This was one allowance he gave – that and nothing more.
            Shuichi padded down the hall, the hard wood cold against his bare feet, in search of Yuki.  He stuck his head into Yuki’s office, finding it empty and continuing towards the bedroom when he stepped into a warm puddle outside the bathroom.  He looked down stupidly at the warm water spreading slowly across the smooth surface from the crack under the door.  “Yuki?”  Shuichi knocked tentatively, hearing only the sound of trickling water.  “Yuki?”
            He turned the knob, a feeling of apprehension knotted in his stomach as he swung the door open.  Yuki was lying back in the large tub, arms resting on the sides, as the water brimmed at the top and ran steadily down towards the floor.  The faucet was emitting a small, but steady stream, enough to perpetuate the constant spill.  Shuichi tightened the faucet, stopping the water before reaching his arm in to displace more and pull the stopper.  The front of his clothes were soaked and clinging to his skin by the time the water level started to drop.  God – Yuki could sleep anywhere.
            Yuki’s face was relaxed and beautiful, his damp hair mussed and framing his face.  Shuichi smiled, not often catching Yuki in such a state of innocence.  He ran his fingers through Yuki’s damp locks, pressing a chaste kiss on his sleeping lips.  Yuki opened his eyes slowly, disoriented and groggy.
            Hearing his name uttered from Yuki’s lips had the effect of a spell, momentarily stunning him.  It was such a rare occurrence that his name would spoken by his lover he couldn’t respond, watching Yuki rubbing the sleep from his eyes and looking at him warily.  “What’s the matter, freak, never seen anyone take a bath before?”
            “No!”  Shuichi shook his head, frantically grasping for his purpose here.  “You didn’t shut the water off all the way and fell asleep.  You flooded the bathroom and half the hall.”  Shuichi stood up straight, grabbing some towels and starting to clean up the mess.
            “Fuck – I didn’t realize I was so tired.”  Yuki stood up from the rapidly draining tub, grabbing his towel and wrapping it around his slim hips.  “If you’d learn to leave me alone while I’m working, I wouldn’t need to stay up all night.”
            Shuichi left to get a mop without comment, returning to continue to clean.  Yuki didn’t seem fazed by the standing water as he brushed his teeth, ignoring Shuichi completely.  He bit his tongue as he worked around Yuki, hoping to sear his flesh with the intensity of his glares.  Without a word Yuki left, leaving Shuichi to deal with the mess.
By the time Shuichi finished cleaning up he was soaked. He stripped out of his wet clothes, leaving them with the rest of the laundry, and headed towards the bedroom.  Yuki was lying on the bed, a towel still wrapped around his waist, and sorting through the mail.  He looked up when Shuichi came in, watching him open a draw in search of clothes.  “Come here.”
Shuichi looked up, anger obvious in his face as he looked at Yuki lounging on the bed.  He shook his head, ignoring him as he continued to rifle through the draws.
“I said come here, brat.”  Yuki smirked and crooked his finger – he loved when Shuichi was irritated with him.
Shuichi sighed in resignation, knowing that Yuki would get his way one way or the other. He moved to the side of the bed, arms at his side.  “What?”
Yuki grabbed his wrist, pulling him down and swiftly pinning him.  “Give over, you’re not really mad at me.”
            Shuichi tried to push him away, struggling to get out from under him.  “Get off Yuki!  I’m not in the mood for this!”
            Yuki nuzzled his neck, nipping at the tender flesh behind his ear.  It took mere seconds before Yuki could feel Shuichi’s cock stiffening under him.  “I think you can be persuaded.”
            “You’re a bastard, you know that?”
            Shuichi melted under his touch, giving into the lips pressed against his, opening his mouth and letting Yuki in.  Yuki ground their hips together, their erections separated only by the thin towel around Yuki’s waist.  Yuki pulled back, looking into Shuichi’s eyes, pleased to see the effect he was having.  Shuichi ran his fingertips over the coarse blond stubble on Yuki’s face, a shiver coursing through him in expectation of all the places it would touch and mark his flesh.
 “Thanks for cleaning that up,” Yuki whispered, running a finger lightly across Shuichi’s nipple.
            Shuichi smiled, pulling Yuki closer.  “Make it up to me.”
            Yuki kisses were hot and demanding, and he was pleased that Shuichi was submitting to his touches – although it was always nice when he put up a fight.  Yuki rolled off his captive, laying on his side and running the tips of his fingers lightly down his lover’s thin chest, across the jutting point of his hip, and down an inner thigh.  Yuki would never admit how much he liked to look at Shuichi’s body, how much he enjoyed his soft skin and stiff cock.  He was relaxed and rested from his bath, content to lazily stroke and tease, causing Shuichi to moan and gasp under his skillful touch.
            He loved when Yuki was like this, and it didn’t happen often.  Their lovemaking was usually hot and fierce, consuming them both completely.  It was such a rare occasion that Yuki would be sweet and slow that Shuichi tried to enjoy this as much as possible.  He moaned loudly as Yuki ran the tip of his tongue over his nipple, pulling it into his mouth and nipping it with his teeth. He buried his fingers in Yuki’s hair, losing himself completely.  Yuki took his time repeating the process with the other nipple before branding a trail down Shuichi’s stomach and burying his nose in the hair at the base of his erection.  Shuichi gasped as the rough whiskers of Yuki’s cheek rubbed against the sensitive skin of his cock before continuing lower, spreading his legs and nipping his inner thigh.
            Shuichi grabbed onto the blankets to keep him from flying off the bed, holding on for dear life as Yuki touched him everywhere but what desired it the most.  Yuki licked slow circles around Shuichi’s opening, nuzzling his balls with his nose, and probing with his tongue.  Yuki had unlimited patience when it came to torturing Shuichi like this, enjoying him writhing on the bed and panting, waiting until he was begging to be touched … fucked.  Yuki replaced his tongue with a finger, stroking and searching – touching him just right.
            “Please Yuki, no more…fuck me… please…”
            Yuki smirked, licking slowly up Shuichi’s straining erection, pulling the swollen head between his lips and suckling.  He held Shuichi’s hips down, preventing him from thrusting as he took his time.  After what felt like an eternity of sweet torture, Yuki got on his knees, reaching over his lover and snagging a bottle of lube from the nightstand.  Shuichi pleaded with his eyes, willing Yuki to hurry.  Yuki took his time, making a show out of slicking his cock, stroking it slowly while replacing his mouth on Shuichi’s neglected member.  He teased with his tongue as he inserted slick fingers, probing and pleasing.
            “Please… don’t make me wait longer…” Shuichi whispered, deliriously.  Yuki slid into him effortlessly, lifting Shuichi’s hips and sinking in deep.  He stroked slowly, watching the passion on Shuichi’s face.
            “Harder Yuki – please!”
            Yuki quickened his pace, causing his lover to writhe and moan beneath him.  “Stroke yourself.”  Shuichi eagerly complied, Yuki fucking him as he stroked himself.  Yuki was overwhelmed with how hot Shuichi looked, moaning like a whore while fisting his cock.  He felt himself dangerously close, thrusting deeper to send his lover over the edge.  The sight of cum spurting over Shuichi’s chest was more than he could take, thrusting twice more and emptying himself deep.
            They lay there panting for breath, completely sated.  Yuki rolled off him, closing his eyes and immediately starting to drift.  Shuichi reached for the tissues, wiping himself off before the cum started to liquefy and run down his side.  He looked at Yuki, so peaceful and smirked.  “Hey Yuki – why don’t you run me a bath?”
            Yuki opened his eyes and tried to glare at his lover but failed.  He grabbed Shuichi and wrapped him in an embrace, burying his nose in his hair and mumbling, already dozing again. “Brat…”

1st-Mar-2005 04:51 am (UTC)
So cute and yummy!
1st-Mar-2005 05:04 am (UTC)
Thanks! Those two are always yummy...
1st-Mar-2005 12:14 pm (UTC)
Hahaha. that would be just like Yuki.

1st-Mar-2005 07:37 pm (UTC)
Yuki's such a brat himself!

I'm glad you liked it, Thanks!
1st-Mar-2005 07:17 pm (UTC)
Yay! Yuki and Shuichi smut! ♥ And I liked the idea of bathwater as the overflow...lol Niiiice! =D
1st-Mar-2005 07:38 pm (UTC)
Hey, thanks! Yuki's just so freaking hot in the bathtub!!
1st-Mar-2005 10:24 pm (UTC)
Heh heh, nice. XD

...Though I was thinking inappropriate thoughts about the theme. *innocent look* (But it got to a lemon anyway. XD)
2nd-Mar-2005 08:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^
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